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Imagination Technology Corporation, founded in 1985, offers a full spectrum of graphic design and marketing services ranging from the simplest jobs to the very sophisticated. Our commitment is to help you implement your goals and develop marketing that will generate sales, while adhering to your deadlines and budget. Enthusiastically dedicated to design and creativity, our mission is to help you grow your business through good design and professional presentation.

Robin Meetz is Imagination Technology’s Creative Director, with more than 33 years of graphic design experience in everything from print-based sales pieces, to web-based marketing materials. She has extensive background in a vast variety of design projects, all for a wide range of clients.

"The greatest part of my job is helping you develop your business 'look.' The graphic impression that makes you stand apart from your competitors and leaves no doubt as to who you are and what you do. I love designing or re-designing company logos, and using them strategically within marketing pieces to help potential customers remember your business."
-- Robin Meetz

Dina Carson, Marketing Director and internet specialist, has more than 33 years of marketing, publishing, copywriting and web design experience. She is our go-to person for all online marketing, website building and SEO. Photography is not only her passion but a powerful tool to help make your products and services look their best.

"I love the reach of the internet for business marketing. The internet lets businesses reach into new markets with the click of a mouse. I also love helping businesses describe themselves or their services in their marketing materials. One of the biggest challenges business owners have is to toot their own horns in a way that tells potential clients that their business is exactly the right business to work with, now and into the future."
-- Dina Carson

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