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Getting Started

Is GRAPHIC DESIGN important? You get one chance to make a good impression and there is no better way to do it visually than through quality graphic design. We live in a culture in which we are bombarded constantly by information and commercial messages. Every company clamors to rise above the bombardment. Quality graphic design is one way to put the odds in your favor.
Start with your BUSINESS IMAGE.
If you're just starting out, you'll need a logo that adequately captures the spirit of your business. Ideally, a good logo will let potential customers know who you are and what you do with just a glance. Once you have a good logo, use it on everything! Put it on your stationery, your billing statements, your envelopes, your ads, your website ... everywhere.

When you're ready for a WEBSITE …
Your website is one of the most important marketing pieces you'll create for your business. Most people are using the internet to find the businesses they need. Potential customers go online to do two things: to find quick information like a phone number, email address or location, and to do research. Make sure your website includes all of the information your potential customers need to know that your business is the best choice.

When you're ready for MARKETING MATERIALS …
Start with your goals for your marketing piece. Tell us what you're trying to achieve with the piece. We'll help you figure out how to best reach your intended target market, how to show off your products or services in the best way possible to get your message out to existing or potential customers.

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